Dozens of clients have hired family law lawyer Jeffrey Behrendt to represent them, partly because of his 14-Part Client Services Guarantee

When you hire my services, I promise you’ll receive…

1. Answers to Your Questions. Before you make an important decision, you want information. This includes not only a general understanding of your problem, but also answers to specific questions about how your decision will affect you and your family. I have dedicated my law practice to helping people understand their problems and the solutions I can provide. The basis of this understanding is having a lawyer who will accurately and completely respond to your questions and concerns.

2. Close Personal Attention. I promise I will provide you with the close personal attention you want and deserve. No one likes to think their lawyer is too busy to help them — or unwilling to provide good service. I work hard to treat my clients the way I like to be treated when I’m the client.

3. Immediate Access. If I’m in the office and available when you call, I promise I will speak with you immediately. I do not screen calls based on who pays the highest fees, or who demands the most attention. I speak with clients in the order they call. You can depend on it.

4. Prompt Return Calls. I promise I will make every effort to return your phone calls promptly. If I don’t call you right away, that means I’m either helping another client or in court. I’ll return your call the moment I’m available.

5. Quick Responses to Your Requests. Whenever you need something from my office, please don’t hesitate to call. I promise I’ll respond to your request promptly and courteously. If I’m busy when you call, I’ll handle it for you as soon as I’m free.

6. Confidential Service. I promise when you hire my services, you can rest assured that everything you say will be kept confidential. My job is not to judge you, but to analyse your situation.

7. Fair, Reasonable Fees. When you hire my services, you are not paying for a penthouse suite of offices or a huge support staff of secretaries and assistants. I keep close watch on my overhead and regularly monitor my fees to make sure they are fair and reasonable for both of us. You don’t want a cheap lawyer who charges so little that he goes out of business. Nor do you want the most expensive lawyer who charges you for the paintings on his walls. The best lawyer-client relationship is the one when both you and I are happy. I promise to work with you to that end.

8. Competent Family Law Services. I work hard to maintain the highest level of knowledge in Ontario divorce laws. I eagerly attend continuing education classes, seminars and workshops on all aspects of Canadian family law. They allow me to provide you with the latest information, most effective techniques, and most efficient methods of protecting your and your family’s interest.

9. Aggressive Representation. Some divorce lawyers aren’t trial lawyers. So when a conflict arises that requires court appearances, they may send the case to another lawyer. Over the years, I have spent a lot of time in court. So if something arises that requires a court hearing — or if your case goes to trial — I will gladly and aggressively represent you in court. One thing’s for sure: I’ll help you every step of the way and I will never leave you hanging.

10. Courtesy and Respect. I promise that I will treat you with courtesy and respect. Your time is as valuable as mine, so unless there is some crisis, our meetings will start on time. And when we meet, you can be assured that you’ll have my undivided attention. When I explain things, I won’t speak to you in legalese.

11. Compassion. I know that you are going through one of the most difficult periods of your life. I promise that I’ll take an active interest in you and your legal situation.

12. Excellent Communication. You deserve to be kept current on the progress of your case. I will copy you with every piece of correspondence I write or receive about your case. I will always let you know what the next step in your case is. And when something major happens, I will send you a written summary of what has happened. Good communication is the key to a good working relationship with your lawyer. And I intend to make sure that our relationship is the best you have ever had, or will ever have, with a lawyer.

13. Value in Every Respect. My goal is to make sure you feel that the value you receive from my services is always greater than the fee you pay. So while I can’t guarantee my fees will always be low, I can guarantee they will always be fair. I want you to receive more value from me than any other lawyer you know. And I’ll work hard to make sure you do.

14. More Than You Expect. If you think of some way I can provide you with better service, or better meet your family’s needs, please tell me how. Even though we work together on your family’s legal matters, still, I’m not a mind reader. If you have something troubling you — or if you have a concern or a problem — please discuss it with me. If I can help you, I will. And if I can’t help you, I may know someone who can. A good lawyer-client relationship deals with all types of problems, not just legal problems. I want to be a resource for you and for all challenges you face. So if something crosses your mind and you want my input, I’ll be happy to help.

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